Automation and Modernization Recommendations

The below table will summarize key features or concepts that businesses and department heads should ensure that they are using based on the current stage or goals for the business. The recommendations are broken down by 3 main business focuses: getting started, growing, and modernizing.   Simply identify the phase that best sounds like your practice and review the recommendations within.

  • Getting Started:  Businesses that are considered "getting started" may be brand new practices that have just recently been established or those that have just recently migrated to our software package for the first time. Your focus right now should be on mastering the basics. These are the things that essentially "must" happen for most practices to get by on a day-to-day basis.
  • Growing: Businesses that are considered "growing" may be looking to grow in the near future, have recently added providers or locations, or are just looking to take their software experience to the next level.   Now that you have mastered the basics, the next step is to start layering in processes and software to streamline the business. This includes eliminating the things you don't need and adding in a level of automation that you do. It's important to point out, you don't have to be a specific size or number of locations to lump yourself into this group.  As long as you have mastered the basics and you are looking to save money or time while increasing revenue, this is the stage for you.
  • Modernizing: Businesses that are considered "modernizing" may have likely already dipped their toe into automation in one to many parts of their business.  These practices are looking to provide not only their patients but their staff with a modern technology experience. These practices are focused on eliminating hurdles to care that have existed for years in the healthcare landscape by capitalizing on a full suite of solutions that set them apart from the competition. Again, it is important to point out, you don't have to be a specific size or number of locations to lump yourself into this group either.  If you have the mindset that you are ready to take advantage of all the technology that exists to revolutionize your practice, this group is for you.

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Business Stage and WorkflowGetting StartedGrowingModernizing
Document Management
Task Management
Patient Portal
  • Unique Usernames and Password for Each User
  • Proper role assignment
  • User Group review and management
  • HIPPA Assessment and Remediation