Obtain a DIRECT Email Address

DIRECT E-mail is a secure way to communicate patient information from one provider to another. Eligible Clinicians in the Medicare and Eligible Providers in the Medicaid incentive programs will need a DIRECT email address in order to meet the MIPS Referral Loops - Send Health Info, MIPS Referral Loops - Receive & Incorporate Health Info, MU3 Send Referral Summary of Care and MU3 Receive & Incorporate Electronic Summary of Care documents objectives. To obtain a DIRECT E-mail, follow these steps: 

  1. Have an administrator email Secure Exchange Solutions or call them at 1-888-470-9913 x 1.
  2. Secure Exchange Solutions will assess your practice's needs and perform the identity proofing process for the administrator you have chosen.
  3. Secure Exchange Solutions will work with your administrator to setup the appropriate DIRECT Email addresses.
  4. Setup and Authenticate a User's DIRECT Email Address

Organizational DIRECT Accounts are $470/Year. Provider Level Professional Accounts are $225/year.