Chrome USB EPCS Setup

In order to support our users who would like to use Google Chrome while prescribing using their existing USB token, we've created a method that requires an application actively running during a provider's session on their machine. Please work with your local IT if necessary in ensuring the install package in step one has the ability to run with the proper permissions. 

Steps to Complete

  1. Run the .exe file that's located here: ChoiceAppCenterEPCS.exe
    • When prompted by Windows Security, select 'More Info' and then 'Run Anyway' to start the application.  
    • The application will only require installation once. On startup it will run with Windows automatically for the user and can be seen in the lower right corner from the carrot icon in the tray. 

2. If you have a previously setup token, you're now ready to login to OfficeEMR using Google Chrome and begin prescribing. Please see the EPCS Prescribing tutorial regarding sending prescriptions if you're not familiar with sending within the application.

3.  To setup a new USB token or renew an existing USB token, please see the EPCS IdenTrust USB Token Authentication Setup guide