Add New User using Copy User

When you are creating a new user for a staff member, iSalus recommends that you use our Copy User functionality, rather than creating the user from scratch. This will assure that a majority of settings will be assigned to the new user, and reduce the chance that a user will not be able to perform a necessary task. Any settings needing to be changed can be changed after the user is created.

  1. Click on Current User - [Your User Name] at the bottom left of the iSalus database window. The User Setup screen will open.

  2. Select the name of the user to be copied from the list of Users in the left column. Select a user who performs tasks most similar to the new user.

  3. Click the Copy User icon on the toolbar. The middle section will be available for you to enter the required fields. The minimum required fields are: User ID, First Name, Last Name, and New Password / ReType.

  4. Save. The other User Sections will fill in. Select different sections to adjust any settings as necessary.

  5. If the new user requires a PIN or Sign Off information, click Sign Off in the right column. Enter a PIN twice, and Save. If the user has Sign Off Approval, check the appropriate box. For additional control, read more about User Sign-Off settings.