Demographics Export

The Demographics Export extracts data related to the patient primary demographics.  Below you will find a detailed definition of possible inputs and outputs.  

Data Location:  Setup > Patients > Demographics


  •  Employer: For practices that utilize the Employer Module product, demographics can be exported based on this.  This is rare.


  • last_name: Patient last name
  • first_name: Patient first name
  • middle_name: Patient middle name
  • nick_name: Patient nick name
  • suffix: Patient suffix
  • chart_number: Unique ID for patient (primary key)
  • active:  Active indicator (yes or no)
  • user_defined: User defined field
  • sig_file:  Signature on File flag (yes or no)
  • sig_file_date: Signature on File Date
  • address_1: Patient street address
  • address_2:  Patient secondary address (i.e. Suite or Apartment)
  • city: Patient City
  • state:  Patient State
  • zip: Patient Zip Code
  • home_phone:  Patient Home Phone
  • work_phone: Patient Work Phone
  • other_phone: Patient Other Phone
  • email: Patient email address
  • primary_id:  Patient primary ID type (i.e. SSN)
  • primary_id_value: Patient primary ID value
  • secondary_id:  Patient secondary ID type
  • secondary_id_value: Patient secondary ID value
  • gender: Patient Gender
  • marital_st:  Patient Marital Status
  • birth_date:  Patient Date of Birth
  • rhc: Patient Date of Death
  • employed:  Patient Employment Status
  • employer:  Patient Employer
  • student:  Patient Student Status
  • pcp:  Patient Primary Care Provider Name
  • ethnicity:  Patient Ethnicity
  • race: Patient Race
  • referring: Patient Referring Provider Name
  • doctor: Patient Primary Doctor at the Practice
  • old_patient_id:  Imported Old Patient ID #1 (usually from a data conversion)
  • old_patient_id_1: Imported Old Patient ID #2 (usually from a data conversion)
  • old_patient_id_2: Imported Old Patient ID #3 (usually from a data conversion)