How do I post a returned (NSF) check to a patient's account?

Q. How do I post a returned (NSF) check to a patient's account?

A. There are two steps to the process: putting the money back on the claim/account, and adding an NSF fee (if appropriate).

  1. Open the Patient Transaction History for the appropriate patient.

  2. Select the claim(s) where the payment was returned.
  3. Right-click over the Claim Number at the top right of the screen, and select Add Payment.

  4.  Enter the Deposit Date (either the current date or the date the check was returned) and select "Responsible Party" in the Paid By field.

  5. Skip the Payment line entirely.
  6. On the Adjustment line, enter a positive dollar amount for the amount of the returned check. Select the Adjustment Type "Returned Check"  and click Post.

  7. Repeat for each procedure line/claim as needed.

  8. Double-click the claim to open it.

  9. Go to the first blank line at the bottom of the procedures and enter the appropriate dummy code for the practice's NSF fee as a new procedure on the claim. (A new claim with this code may be created if preferred.) If there is not already a dummy code for this purpose, you can add one following these instructions. The Charge should be the amount that the practice charges for returned checks.

  10. Repeat for each claim as needed.