Release 21.11 - Release July 1st, 2021

New Features



  • Prescription Adherence Integration:  The Prescription Adherarance integration will now be active for all practices. This completely free integration allows you to bring patients into the prescribing workflow by sending a secure text to the patient upon prescribing. Simply select the patient's SMS-enabled phone number from the dropdown at the bottom of the prescription pad. This will provide the patient with information about the medication, pharmacy, and much more.  Learn more here.



  • U11850 - Service Location 'Pay to' Override:  Added the ability to override the 'Remit To'/'Pay To' on Statements based on the Service Location. To learn more about this feature click here.

Updates and Bug Fixes



  • U9786 - New Quick Pay 'Service Location' Logic:  When using Quick Pay to make payments outside of an appointment, the system will now automatically populate the Service Location using the Service Location found in the User Setup > User screen: 
  • U11979 - 'Receipt Reversal' Role not working:  Resolved an issue where the Receipt Reversal role was not correctly preventing users from reversing receipts if they did not have the correct permissions.



  • B11856 - Resizing Options not functioning correctly for Chrome users:  When using Chrome, the 'Fit to Width' and 'Fit to Screen' eDocument view options were only applying to the first page of a multi-page document. This issue has been resolved.



  • B11937 - Optimized 'Orders' Tab:  In order to speed up loading times, the Orders tab on all applicable Quick Pay screens has been optimized. 



  • U12018 - Added Logic to Suppress $0 Procedure Lines:  Added a setting to the Billing screen (Gear icon > Setup > More Statement Settings) to suppress $0.00 Procedure charge lines. If the setting is checked and the Procedure charge/Balance are both $0.00, then the Procedure line will not be shown:

  • U11980 - Automatic Claim Comment for Sent Statements:  When a Statement is submitted, the system will now automatically add a Claim comment notating that the Statement was sent:
  • U11975 - Comment Payment Type on Statements:  Added the ability to include Comment Payment Type on Statements. To configure: 
    Go to the Payment Codes setup (Setup > Billing Setup > Payers > Gear icon > Setup > Payment Codes     In this screen there is a new checkbox called Include Comment on statement (Note: the Comment Indicator box must also be checked in order to check this box):                           For any Payment/Adjustment that uses a Payment Code with this box checked, the Statement will contain the Description of the Payment Type for that line:

  • U11988 - Expanded 'Quick Statement' availability:  In an ongoing effort to make Quick Statements a quick and easy process, the Quick Statement functionality has been expanded into the following screens:
    • Patient Transaction History > Patient dropdown menu
    • iScheduler > Patient dropdown menu
    • Quick Pay: <Quick Statement> button at bottom of the screen
  • U11985 - Remove Future Claims from Statement Process:  Claims that include Procedure/Diagnosis lines with future service dates will no longer be included in the Statement process.
  • U12047 - Re-ordered Statements List View:  Statements shown in the Batch details screen that do not have a Warning will now be sorted on Responsible Party Last Name + First Name instead of Patient Chart #. Note: Any Statements with warnings will still be shown at the top of the list, sorted by Warning.
  • U11986 - Credit Balance Claims affecting Statement Levels:  Resolved an issue where Claims with a credit balance were incorrectly being calculated into the Statement Level logic.  


  • B12037 - Linking Inactive Procedure Code Lines:  When resolving a Procedure Code Conflict error, if an inactive Procedure Code line is linked to the EOB, the line will now be changed to active.


  • U12020 - New 'Patient Letters' Connect Report:  Added a new Connect report called Patient Letters. This report will assist users in finding patients who have specific Letters in their charts. For more information about adding and using this report click here.
  • U12016 - Updated 'Payment Posting' Connect Report:  Added a User ID field to the Payment Posting Connect report.