Appointment Menu Screen

Additional options are available by right-clicking over an appointment. 

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  • Appointment statuses These are at listed first and setup by the practice so they will vary.  You can change a status by selecting it. 
  • Appointment options: 
    • Appointment Recurrence - To set an appointment to be repeated in the future
    • Search Open Appointments - Search for open appointment slots
    • Search Appointments - Opens appointment search screen
    • Add to Recall List - Adds patient to a list to schedule a future appointment
    • Global Call Reminders - Displays Global Call Reminder history for this appointment
    • Validate Patient - Runs validation
  • Other quick links:
    • Send Communication - To send a communication to patient or inside the office
    • Patient Setup - Quick access to Patient Setup screen
    • Patient History - Opens Patient Transaction list
    • Patient Appointments - To view patient's appointments
    • Open Patient in EMR - Opens patient in EMR
    • Open Patient in Billing - Opens patient in Billing module
    • Quick Pay - To take payment, print and Reverse receipt along with other options
    • Authorization - Opens Authorization screen to add, edit and attach authorizations
    • Eligibility - Opens Eligibility screen to run and view eligibility
    • Telehealth session - Starts Telehealth visit if available to practice
    • Nurse's note -
  • Print Options:
    • Print Superbill
    • Print Face Sheet
    • Print Treatment Plan
  • Changes to this specific Appointment:
    • Edit - To make edits to the appointment details
    • Delete -Deletes the appointment
    • Move - To move this appointment
    • Copy - Copies this appointment
    • Attendees - Typically used for group therapy sessions to schedule multiple patients for a single appointment