The iSalusSchedule.CancelAppointment webservice allows an appointment to be cancelled.

Sample Request

        <userid />


The Request element will serve as a wrapper for the entire body of the XML request.

Request > Security

See documentation for the Security node here:  Access to Webservices

Request > Appointment_ID

The internal ID for the appointment that needs cancelled.

Request > MML_ind

This indicates if the appointment is being cancelled by the patient from MyMedicalLocker.  There are special settings specific to the client that may allow a patient to cancel their own appointment. This is assumed to be Yes if not explicity specified.

  • Y = Yes, this is coming from a patient so apply the necessary rules.
  • N = No, this is not being initiated by a patient, ignore the patient specific scheduling rules.

Sample Response

Appointment Cancelled: When the appointment is successfully canceled, the <Passed> node will contain a "Y".

<response xmlns="http://www.isalushealthcare.webservices/">

Error:  When there is an error cancelling the appointment, an <Error> node will be returned with the appropriate code and description of the error.

<response xmlns="http://www.isalushealthcare.webservices/">
    <error_message>Please contact the practice to cancel the appointment.</error_message>


The Response element will serve as a wrapper for the entire body of the XML response.

Response > Appointment_id

The appointment Id associated with the updated or created appointment.