OBR.4 Specifications | Health Exchange

Health Exchange OBR.4 Specifications

In the case where MSH3.3 is 'Discrete,' the specifications below will need to be placed in the OBR.4 segment. The ShortDescription (OBR.4.1) will be processed and display the LongDescription (OBR.4.2) in OfficeEMR.

Encode IDShortDescriptionLongDescription
0**Discrete Data
1ARAutopsy Report
2ASAdmission Summary
3BBBlood Bank
4CCCardio Diagnostics
5CLClinic Letter
7COClinic Note
9CSClinic Summary
10DHDischarge Instructions
11DIDiagnostic Imaging
12DNDiagnostic Neurology
13DRDiagnostic Report Other
14DSDischarge Summary
15EDER Discharge Summary
16EKEKG Report
17ENEndoscopy Report
18EREmergency Report
19FEFiled in Error
20GCGeneral Correspondences
21HPHistory and Physical Exam
22LDLabor and Delivery Report
23LRLab Report
24MRMicrobiology Report
25OPOperative Report
26OTOccupational Therapy
27PAPathology Report
28PEPhone Encounter
29PFPulmonary Function
30PNProcedure Note
31PRProgress Note
32PXPsychiatric Note
34RRRehab Report
35SLSleep Study
36THPhysical Therapy
37TNTranscribed Note
38TSTransfer Summary
39ZAAdmission, Discharge, Transfer Event Notification Report
99..Invalid HL7 file