Release 23.16 - September 21st, 2023

New Features and Updates


Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

  • U16279 - MIPS 2023 Reporting Update:  The MIPS Dashboard is now ready for 2023 reporting. There are some important steps your practice needs to follow in order to participate in the MIPS Promoting Operability 2023 performance period. You can review that checklist here.



  • U16353 - Rx Benefit Checker:  A User Setting was updated to make a Prescription Benefit Check (RxBC) required per user.  



  • U15553 - Front Office Updates Insurance and Photograph:  During the check-in process, verifying and scanning cards can be time consuming.  This enhancement streamlines the process so that users select a category to scan into and if there is a document present (Insurance Card or Patient Photograph) in that category it is visible.  The user can visually verify the information to determine if there is a need to scan the newer document to replace it.   Likewise, if the selected category has no document stored, the Document Scan screen opens formatted to scan the respective document type.  This remains under the Patient dropdown > Primary Insurance Card, Secondary Insurance Card and Patient Photograph to utilize the current workflow.  
  • U15554 - Front Office Updates Added Quick Scan:  To streamline the process for scanning a document other than Insurance cards and photographs, a Quick Scan button was added on the toolbar under the Patient dropdown.  The Custom Scan field utilizes the user defaults.  

Bug Fixes



  • B13069 - Copy Prescription:  Users reported when copying existing medications, the diagnosis code(s) were not copied forward.  This has been corrected.


Appointment Status

  • B16226 - Reminders:  When responses from reminders were received, some were not updating the Appointment Status appropriately.  Those have been investigated and are now populating correctly.