Payer Mix Results

Below is what you would expect to see on the results of this report.

  • Filters: The filters section will be displayed once the report is run. Providing you with filter options for Financial Class, Payer, Provider, and Service Location based data from the results. To filter you would expand the filter you wish to filter the results by uncheck or check the applicable options and this will update your results real time.
  • Group By: This will allow you to designate how the report will be grouped by and in what order. You can move the group by options up and down to change the order it is displayed.
  • Print: This button will allow the user to print the report.
  • Export to Excel: This button will allow the user to export the results to excel.
  • Expand All: This button will allow you to expand the Group By options all at once. When a group is expanded there will also be a Collapse All button.