How to Override the NADEAN Requirement When Prescribing Buprenorphine for Pain

Per DEA federal regulations, when prescribing buprenorphine medications that are labeled for the treatment of chemical dependency, the prescriber's NADEAN number is required. The DEA allows this requirement to be overridden when the buprenorphine prescription is prescribed "off label" with an indication of pain. 

Follow these steps to override the NADEAN requirement when prescribing buprenorphine for chronic pain:

  1. Ensure the NADEAN Override Diagnosis Code Company Setting is set to the appropriate ICD10 diagnosis code for your practice. The default code is G894 - Chronic Pain Syndrome.
  2. Access the Prescriptions/Medications Chart Tab.
  3. Search for the appropriate buprenorphine medication in the Drug Name field.
  4. Select the desired Drug Strength.
  5. Click on the Diagnosis field to add the ICD10 code setup in Step 1.

  6. Search for and select the ICD10 code and press the Done button.

  7. Edit your prescription and press the Send button. The prescription will go through without selecting the Use Provider NADEAN checkbox.