Claims Interface (DFT - Inbound & Outbound)

Claims interfaces are established to assist in transferring financial data from one software to another. The common use case for these types of interfaces is when a facility/device creates claims on your behalf. These are instances such as PACS systems, Clinitek devices, etc. In these scenarios, claims are being created within iSalus programmatically. The outbound DFT channels can be established for practice's working with partners who require these files to create claims externally or do financial reporting. 

Definitions & Diagrams

DFT | Detail Financial Transaction

Using the international standard of HL7. DFT message types are sent and/or received to create electronic claims. If using an Outbound DFT interface you may need the assistance of a Demographics (ADT) interface. This channel would be used to create a patient within the external system by providing new patient demographics data and updates to existing records.