NDC Number Format Conversion

The NDC (National Drug Code) is a unique product identifier issued by the FDA for drugs intended for human use.  Certain insurance companies require that when a drug is reported on a claim, the NDC information must also be attached to that claim.  

However, on drug packaging, many NDCs are displayed in a 10-digit format but correct billing of an NDC requires 11-digits in a 5-4-2 format. Conversion from 10 digits to 11 digits requires the placement of an extra zero based on the 10-digit format.

The table below shows common 10-digit NDC formats and how to convert to an 11-digit format with the correct placement of a zero with the additional zero in a bold red

Hyphens are used to show the formatting examples for NDCs. Do not use hyphens when entering data on your claim. iSALUS healthcare recommends that providers consult with their pharmacy staff or supplier regarding the conversion from 10 digits to 11 digits.

10-Digit Format on Package

10-Digit Format 

Example: 10-Digit NDC

11-Digit Format

Example: 11-Digit Format w/ additional digit

Example: 11-Digit Conversion



 Zyprexa® 10mg Vial






 Xolair® 150mg vial 






 Synagis® 50mg vial