Release 23.09 - June 1, 2023

New Features and Updates


Default Comments

  • U12306 - Allow users to default Users and User Groups within Alerts:  Default Comment screen has been updated so that users may setup default Alerts to include screens, groups and/or users.  More information for Comments and Alerts can be found here.

Split PDF

  • U15326 - Split PDF - Add delete option for Groups:  A button has been added to allow a group to be deleted from PDF Split.  Any remaining pages within a deleted group will be set to "Unassigned".  More information on PDF Split feature here



  • U15289 - Daily Intakes Connect Report:  Added Service Location to the display field options for the Daily Intakes report.   For more information about this report click here.  Additional information on adding, setting access and running Connect reports is located here.
  • U15452 - Financial Snapshot Deposit Report:  This report is different from the Financial Snapshot report because it is based on the payment deposit date, and should match the Billing Practice Summary report when run by deposit date.  More information can be found here.

Bug Fixes


MML and Intake 

  • B14967 - MML and Intake Error when Adding a Payment Method:  Corrected an issue where some patients were receiving an error message when adding a new payment method via MyMedicalLocker and Intake links.  
  • B15305 - Intelligent Intake Immediate Communication:  When an Intake Setup is set to "Immediately when intake is assigned to the patient" the Intake link will be sent when the patient is scheduled according to appointment type.