Setup Group Policy Settings for iSalus on a Domain

Practices connecting to iSalus Healthcare's EMR on a domain will want to use Group Policy described below.  
These Group Policies will configure Internet Explorer on your end-users' computers so that they do not need to manually configure their PC's using the 'OfficeEMR Configuration' process upon login.


There are 2  key components to configure:

  1. IE Settings per logged in Windows User 
  2. ActiveX Controls Installed and Registered on each individual computer.

The OfficeEMR Configuration File [setup.exe] found on the login page does both of these for a non-domain computer; however, for it to work on a domain, please download:  iSalus EMR Group Policy Excel Spreadsheet.xlsx

The Settings for Internet Explorer ONLY APPLY to the Internet Explorer Trusted Sites Zone, not regular Internet Browsing.

iSalus EMR Group Policy Excel Spreadsheet Tab Description

Tab #1:  MSI File

The first tab in the Excel file are the instructions to get the .msi file to have Group Policy deployed.

This just needs to happen at least once per PC so the files are there and the ActiveX Controls get registered in the Windows Registry on that computer for the whole PC regardless of how many individual Windows Domain users logon to that PC.

Tab # 2:   Trusted Sites

The second tab in the Excel file are the URLs you want Group Policy to add into IE's Trusted Sites Zone.

Tab #3 and #4:  GPO Settings

The Third and Fourth tabs give you all the GPO settings for LOCKED-DOWN Trusted Sites Zone AND Trusted Sites Zone.

For the Internet Explorer settings to be consistent on the domain controller, create the GPO for Locked-Down Trusted Sites Zone and Trusted Sites Zone and attach that GPO to the Organizational Unit (OU) those users are in to be run each time upon login to the domain.  If not every domain user will run iSalus, it is recommended to create a separate OU for the iSalus users and attach this GPO Policy to it.  Once confirmed, add any other needed GPOs for the user to maintain all of the domain functionality they need, if applicable. 

Tab #5 and #6: Registry Settings

The fifth and sixth tab in the Excel file is an Extra Registry Setting to have Group Policy push out upon login of a Domain User.

This has to be pushed out each time the user logs into the domain so IE will stay consistent.  This is a long time known issue of problems with domains and IE 11 not staying consistent with settings from very long ago.  The support of IE 11 for now is only security updates and the program will work as is on Windows 10.  

Tab #7:  IE Page Setup

The sixth tab is used to describe the IE's Page Setup settings needed.  This ensure no issues with printing.

Compare Policies

Once you are complete with your Group Policy Settings, it should resemble the PDF file below.  Please refer to this for comparison:  iSalus EMR Completed Group Policy PDF.pdf

iSalus Desktop Icon

The install of the .msi file will create an iSALUS icon on the desktop.  It is recommended to set the iSALUS icon the configuration puts on the desktop to open with IE; therefore, not being affected by your set default browser in case it is different.

Set iSALUS icon to Open in IE all the time (regardless of the set default web browser on that computer):

  1. Right Click on the iSALUS icon and select Properties. 
  2. Click on the General Tab up top. 
  3. Click on Browse, then click on more Apps and select Internet Explorer
  4. Click OK. 
  5. Click OK.