Deposit Claim Error - Missing Procedures

Error Level: Claim

Error Message: Missing Procedures:  Claim has no ERA Procedures.

Actions to Take: If you've received this error, it is possible that the ERA was sent without procedure lines.  This happen from time to time and is most likely an error that the payer made when generating the ERA file. This is helpful in identifying these scenarios so that the ERA is not posted incorrectly. Use this as an opportunity to review the human readable ERA and add the necessary procedure lines manually when appropriate. 

Steps to Resolve

  1. Click Resolve
  2. Decide if you would like to manually add the procedure information by pulling in procedures from the claim.  The error resolution window will display all procedures that are on the claim in our application.
  3. If the procedure information was not provided, it may be best to Ignore this error and Exclude this Claim from the batch all together.