Setup and Authenticate User DIRECT Email

Once a practice has obtained either an organizational level or provider/professional level DIRECT email address, follow these steps to setup and authenticate the email address with each user that will send/receive DIRECT emails:

  1. Click on the Setup Portal.
  2. Select the Users menu option.
  3. Click on the User to add the DIRECT Email address to.
  4. Select the User section.
  5. Enter the DIRECT Email Address into the field.
  6. Press the Save button.
  7. Click the Alert icon next to the DIRECT Email address.
  8. Press the Send Activation Code button to send an activation code to the DIRECT email setup for the user.
  9. Login to the e-mail tool/web address that Secure Exchange Solutions provided to obtain the authorization code. 
  10. Copy the code and paste it back into the Activation Code field.
  11. Press the OK button.
  12. Setup User Provider Connection.

All inbound messages sent to this DIRECT Email will appear in the user's Communication task list.