Introduction to CKCC Visibility and Patient Management


Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting (CKCC) is a new CMS program intended to improve outcomes for CKD patients while cutting costs to deliver the care needed. This type of revenue share payment model increases financial risk to practices caring for these patients. The CKCC case management module is intended to aid practices by improving visibility and tracking of CKCC patients.


  • Create visibility by creating a CKCC case in the Case Management section of Patient Setup
  • Active enrolled CKCC patients will display the new blue kidney icon in the patient header
  • Inactive CKCC patients will display a grayed out kidney icon (inactive occurs when a CKCC patient is set to a status other than enrolled)
  • The kidney icon hover text allows users to see CKCC notes, CKCC status, and CKCC Custom Practice Group field entries
  • Add CKCC specific notes, where the most recent note entry displays when hovering over kidney icon
  • Create up to 4 custom practice groups with custom drop-down lists for more robust tracking and sharing of CKCC information (these 4 items display when hovering over kidney icon)
  • Report export allows practices to generate an excel export detailing pertinent CKCC patient details for CMS and/or other third parties
  • This new module is designed with consideration to allow future capabilities where practices can receive and consume digital updates that CMS may provide on patient statuses.