Merge Practice Management Information from an Intake using the My Task - Patient Portal

Once a patient has submitted their intake form, and you do not have auto-merge enabled, you will need to merge the completed information before it is added to the chart. This article will describe how to manually merge an intake using the Patient Portal section in the My Task List. This screen is used most commonly in cases where patients complete forms at home and there is an individual or group of staff members responsible for managing this list. Changes to clinical information will be merged in either the reconciliation window or in the individual chart tab.

Steps to Complete

  1. Providing you have appropriate access, you will notice a section in your My Tasks list titled, Patient Portal. Open this section.
    NOTE: You may notice some additional items in the section unrelated to the intake but all information coming from My Medical Locker.

  1. Once you identify the correct Intake/Patient select the item, in this case, Intake Form.
  2. When opened you will see the practice management values to merge into the chart:

  1. From here you will select either the individual fields to merge or select them all at once by clicking on Field Name
  2. Once the fields are determined, select Import Patient Info.
  3. Mark as Reviewed