Merge Practice Management Information from an Intake via Intake Schedule or Quick Pay Window

Once a patient has submitted their intake form, and you do not have auto-merge enabled, you will need to merge the completed information before it is added to the chart. This article will describe how to manually merge an intake using the Intake Schedule or Quick Pay assignment screen. These are used most commonly in cases where patients complete forms in the office. Changes to clinical information will be merged in either the reconciliation window or in the individual chart tab.

Although these screens are in different locations, their function remains the same. Whether you are in the QuickPay window or Intake Schedule, you notice 3 separate sections,  Appointment, Forms to Merge, and Completed.

Tab Definitions

Appointment - Will display the list of all available appointments from the selected resource or specific patient.
Forms to Merge - Holds the completed intakes that need to be merged into the chart.
Completed - Shows the completed forms for a specific resource/patient on a specific day.

Steps to Merge

  1. After a patient completes their forms, in either window select the Forms to Merge.
  2. From here you will see the forms that have information to merge into the chart, select from the Action column, the  Merge Icon.
  3. Once you select the icon you will see another window titled "Merge Intake Response into Chart"

  1. From here you can either individually select the values to merge or all at once by selecting the checkbox next to Field Name.
  2. When you have determined which values to merge, select from the bottom right Merge Into Chart.
  3. Mark as Completed