Front Office

Training Overview

Front Office users generally will be trained using the iScheduler, eDocuments, and various areas of the My Task List. The following areas are expected to be understood in order for a successful Go-Live: 

iScheduler Overview

  1. Getting Started
  2. General Scheduling
  3. Appointment Statuses
  4. New Patient Appointments
  5. Established Patient Appointments
  6. Check-in
  7. Check-out
  8. Comments and Alerts

MyMedicalLocker Overview

  1. Connecting a patient
  2. Intake schedule (iPad process)
  3. Reviewing the intake paperwork

eDocuments Overview

  1. eFaxing
  2. Scanning and Importing
  3. Assigning for Review

My Task List Overview

  1. Communication
  2. Orders
  3. Patient Portal

User Training Checklist

Users may utilize the Front Office training checklist to ensure that they are able to confidentially acknowledge that they understand all listed items within the list.