OfficeEMR Mobile - Android v1.2.0.183 (183) - June, 2021

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • U11794 - Display Completed/Total Dialysis Patients per Shift:  Dialysis shifts will now display the total number of scheduled patients per shift as well as how many have been completed:
  • U11791 - Added Color-Coding for Round Status:  Replaced the 'Complete' label with new color-coding to indicate the status of a Round. The patient's name will now display in green for 'Completed' rounds and orange for 'Discharged' rounds:
  • U11796 - Added new Round Comments icon:  A new blank Comment icon will now be displayed on any Hospital Round without an existing comment. Clicking on this icon will allow users to enter new comments on the fly (Rounds with existing comments will still display the Comment icon in blue):
  • U11793 - Prefix Hospital Round comments with Username and Date stamp:  When entering comments for Hospital Rounds, the comment will now be automatically prefixed with the first five characters of the username along with the date of when the comment is being added:
  • U11795 - Updated Referring Provider Search functionality:  When adding charges, the Referring Provider field search has been changed from a 'rolodex' style search (scrolling through a list of all Providers) to a true search functionality where users can simply type the Provider's name in order to search. 
  •  U11797 - Comment icon is now easier to click:  Readjusted the clickable area for the Comment icon so that it is now easier to select.