On Demand Statements Guide

There are many use cases where a practice will need to quickly print a statement for a patient. The practice may want this statement to apply to their statement level or they may not. In addition the practice may have a need to print only selected claims. We support all of this through On-Demand Statements in the Ready to Send screen.


  1. In the Billing Portal, under Statements, Click to open the Ready to Send screen

  2. Using the Search Bar at the top or the Advanced Search, Uncheck the box for Show Warnings Only and Search for your patient
  3. Double Click the detail row to open Statement Details for the patient

If you need a Quick Statement that will not be counted as an official statement

  1. Select the claims that you want on the statement or leave them un-selected for all
  2. Click the Quick Statement button
  3. Print the Statement using your browser's PDF controls

If the statement will count as batched statement advancing the statement level:

  1. Click the Create Batch button
  2. Enter any custom messages and click Create
  3. Open the Batches screen under Statements in the Billing Portal
  4. Double Click on the Pending Batch to open Batch Details
  5. Open the Print Statement screen using the Print button
  6. Click the Print button
  7. Click the check box for Never Printed to open the Statement View
  8. Print the Statement
  9. Click the Return icon