Provider Credentialing Setup by Payer

In the Choice application, Provider Credentials are for changes which need to be made to the Provider's normal billing setup for a specific payer or payers. This can range from needing to submit claims as an individual Billing Provider (instead of as a group), needing a different Pay To Address, or needing to send different NPI/TIN information to a payer. Examples.

  1. Go to Setup > Providers.

  2. Search for the provider on the upper right

  3. Once the provider is selected click on the More button 

  4. Select Credentials from the menu, and the Credential box will open.

  5. To add a credential, select New.

  6. Search for the payer where a credential is needed and select. Enter a group or individual NPI in the PIN/Group field, and check whether or not this is a Participating provider, and Save.

  7. Double-click on the newly created credential and the Credential Values box will open. Update the appropriate tab(s).

  8. When all tabs have been updated, select Apply and OK, or just OK to save.