Deposits Overview

In the Billing portal, there is a category for Payment Posting. Within that category is found the Deposits screen and the Posting screen among others. Posting deposits touches on three main parts of the Choice software: the Deposits screen, our posting rules engine, and the Posting screen. 

Deposits will be where you create any new deposits (ERA imports, statement payments, manual EOBs, or patient payment batches), as well as enter information for manual EOB’s, fix deposit errors, and send deposits to posting.

Our back-end posting process is fully automated. When something is sent to posting, it is posted automatically based on our rules engine. Once you do the initial Deposit Setup for your practice’s needs, all you’ll need to handle are the errors.  

Posting is where you’ll fix any errors that arise in the auto-posting process – this way, you never need to look at claims that don’t need to be touched, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Training Videos

Overview of the Payment Posting process

Deposits from a Manager's perspective.

Deposits from a Payment Poster's perspective.