Statement Formats (Print/View)

There are multiple Statement Formats within the system that will change based on a variety of company settings. 

Some choices are:

  • Calendar at the bottom of the page (on/off)
  • Aging Grid at the bottom of the page (on/off)
  • Different credit cards or no credit cards
  • Regular Statements
    • Display Provider(default)/Facility or Both in statement grid
  • Partial Balance Statements
    • This means that the aging grid will be displayed
    • Will never be in a Final/Past Due view
    • Display Provider(default)//Facility or Both in statement grid
  • Final Notice Statements
    • Display in “Warning” format
  • Past Due Statements
    • Display in “letter” format

Regular Statement with Provider

Regular Statement with Service Facility

Regular Statement with Provider and Service Facility

Regular Statement without Aging

Regular Statement without Calendar

Regular Statement with fewer credit card options

Regular Statement without Credit Cards

Partial Balance Statements

Final Notice 

Final Notice without Credit Cards

Past Due Notice

Past Due Notice without Credit Cards