Appointments Export

The Appointment Export extracts data related to the patient appointment records  Below you will find a detailed definition of possible inputs and outputs.  

Data Location:  iScheduler


  •  From: appointment start date
  • To:  appointment start date


  • last_name: Patient last name
  • first_name: Patient first name
  • middle_name: Patient middle name
  • nick_name: Patient nick name
  • suffix: Patient suffix
  • chart_number: Unique ID for patient (foreign key for patient)
  • start_time: Stat Date and Time
  • end_time: End Date and Time
  • day_of_week: Day of week for appointment (i.e. Monday)
  • resource:  Resource name
  • status: Appointment Status (i.e. Cancelled)
  • type: Type of appointment (i.e. New Patient)
  • chief_complaint:  Chief Complaint
  • comments:  Appointment Comments
  • service_location:  Location of appointment