Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators section is a quick way to display trends on your dashboard.  This allows a user to quickly identify if performance goals are being met.


There are several metrics you can view on the KPI chart.  The bolded categories are listed on your dashboard by default.

  • Procedure
  • Claim
  • Patient
  • NPI
  • Provider
  • Location
  • Charges
  • Pay & Adj
  • Payments
  • Adjustments
  • Comments
  • A/R DOS
  • A/R Age

Clicking any of the check boxes next to a metric will add it to the trending graph. For instance, in the chart below we have added the Procedure and Payments metrics to the chart. 

KPI Expanded View

If you wish to view the trending data in a bigger window or with more date range/category options then click the expand window button directly next to the Key Performance Indicators title.

This will open the Key Performance Indicators screen, giving you more control and access to data trending options.