Add appointments to the Office Schedule on OfficeEMR Mobile

The Office Schedule in the OfficeEMR Mobile application will allow a user to add a new appointment to the office schedule.


  1. Tap the Schedule icon on the home screen.  
  2. The Schedule (Office Schedule) option should be selected by default.  Based on your user's default resource, you will see a list of appointments scheduled with that resource on the selected date.
  3. Tap the ... icon in the upper right.

  4. Select Add Appointment.

  5. Enter the Appointment Details.

  6. Click Done.

Appointment Details

  • Scheule With:  The resource that the appointment should be scheduled with.
  • Patient: The patient assigned to the appointment.
  • Starts/End: Start and End time for the appointment.
  • Appointment Type:  The type of appointment being scheduled.
  • Location: The service location where the patient is scheduled. 
  • Chief Complaint:  The primary reason for the visit. This is often added to the SOAP Note automatically.
  • Comments:  Internal comments related to this appointment.
  • Referring: The referring provider for the appointment.
  • Prior Auth: The prior authorization number for the appointment.