The GetSender webservice is intended to retrieve a list of recently created HL7 files for a specific third-party vendor connected to the application.  Developers will be expected to pass in a valid TPS ID - this ID is used to identify the TPS (Third Party Service) to receive HL7 messages.  The webservice will respond with a list of available HL7 files.

Sample Request

         <userid />


The Request element will serve as a wrapper for the entire body of the XML request.

Request > Security

See documentation for the Security node here:  Access to Webservices

Request > TPS_Type_ID

The TPS_Type_ID element will be a value that represents the unique order location to retrieve results from.  This must be supplied to you by iSalus Healthcare.

Sample Response

No Results:  When no results are available, the <Response> node will be empty.

<response xmlns="http://www.isalushealthcare.webservices/">

Results Available:  When results are available, the <Response> node will contain the necessary HL7 files.

  • TPS Send ID:  This node is a unique ID for this result. This will be used in the iSalusTPS.SetSenderResponse webservice to confirm the successful pickup up this result.
  • Data:  This node will contain the full HL7 file for this lab.
               <data>HL7 FILE HERE</data>

The GetSender webservice will only return 50 send_item(s) at a time by default. In order to retrieve the full list of send_item, call the webservice again until the response is empty. This number can be modified per client database but is done at the discretion of iSalus Healthcare to prevent potential performance issues.

Error:  When there is an error retrieving the results, and <Error> node will be returned with the appropriate code and description of the error.

<response xmlns="http://www.isalushealthcare.webservices/">
        <description>Failed to retrieve third party service sender information</description>

Additional Webservice Required


In order to confirm the receipt of the <send_item> an additional call will need to be made in order to set the status of the database item to "Complete". This will take in the <tps_send_id> from above and a new element for <passed> (Y/N) will be included. 

Failure to return <passed>Y</passed> will result in the same <send_items> being returned on the next call of GetSender.