Release 20.1.5 - Patch Release May 14th, 2020

Updates and Bug Fixes



  • ERA's are now Editable:  ERAs with a status of 'New' will now be editable.  Users will now have access to change any value needed on an ERA including adding and removing adjustment codes, updating allowed amounts, and modifying payment amounts.
  • Payer Selection Logic Updated: When selecting a payer for a deposit, the list of payers will now contain any payer that has ever been associated with the claim - including payers that are no longer on the claim. 
  • User Access Modification:  Some users may not have had access to the ERA Payer Claim Amt. Code Setup, ERA Payer Adjustment Reason Setup, and ERA Status/Payments Setup windows.  This access issue has been fixed.


Quick Pay

  • Collecting Receipts outside of an Appointment: Quick Pay screens will now include transactions even if they weren't originally associated with an appointment.


Dialysis Visits

  • Sign Off Status Correction:  Some SOAP notes were still displaying as 'Awaiting Final Sign-Off' even though the sign-off setting was set to 'Never'.
  • Dialysis Visit Count and Location Change:  The EMR Dialysis visit counter will no longer reset when a patient's location is changed.  It will maintain a list of visits for a patient in a given month regardless if they switch locations.