iSalus Healthcare's AnywhereCare Telehealth feature allows a provider to seamlessly conduct a virtual (audio/video) visit securely with their patient directly within the EMR.

Overview of Telehealth

Setup Telehealth

Schedule a Telehealth Visit (Optional)

Initiate the Telehealth Session

Conduct the Telehealth Visit

Complete the Telehealth Visit

Telehealth Visit (Patient Perspective - iOS/Android Required)

Telehealth Billing FAQ

Telehealth Billing Decision Trees

Create a Bluebar in a Superbill for Telehealth

Create a Telehealth Service Location

Create a Telehealth Procedure Code (Fee Grouping)

Create a Telehealth Procedure Code (Custom Code)

Bill a Telehealth Visit from the EMR Superbill

Telehealth Preferred Contact