MIPS Dashboard

The MIPS Dashboard allows practices to track MIPS Eligible Clinician's Promoting Interoperability scores, browse Improvement Activities and extract MIPS Quality report PM and Clinical data to provide to Mingle Health for Quality Reporting. Practices track clinician performance as individuals or as a group.

Report 2020 MIPS Data and Scores to Mingle Health

How to Apply for MIPS 2020 COVID Exception

MIPS Eligibility

MIPS Reporting - Individual vs. Group Reporting

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MIPS 2021 Quality Performance Category

Mingle Health Quality Data Extract File Contents

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MIPS 2020 Improvement Activities Performance Category

MIPS 2021 Improvement Activities Performance Category

MIPS 2021 Promoting Interoperability Performance Category

MIPS 2020 Promoting Interoperability Performance Category

View Clinician Promoting Interoperability Scores

Conduct a Security Risk Analysis

Electronically Prescribe Medications

Query of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

Verify Opioid Treatment Agreement

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Referral Loops - Send Health Information

Referral Loops - Receive & Incorporate Health Information

Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange

ONC 2015 Edition CMS EHR Certification ID

How to Print MIPS Promoting Interoperability Report

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MIPS PY 2019 Eligibility

MIPS 2019 Quality Performance Category

MIPS 2019 Improvement Activities Performance Category

MIPS 2019 Promoting Interoperability Performance Category

Report 2019 MIPS Data and Scores to Mingle Health