Overview of Credit Card Processing with PaySimple

Your practice will now be able to offer flexible credit card payment options that make it convenient for your patient to pay for the care you provide them. iSalus is fully integrated with PaySimple, an all-in-one solution that offers patients a variety of ways to pay their bills.  This integration will allow your practice to swipe or enter a patient's credit card number at check-in and check-out to collect co-pays and other payments.  Your patients will also be able to pay their balance via the Intelligent Intake or the Patient Portal.  When these payments are captured, a receipt is automatically generated in the billing system so you never miss a payment and eliminate data entry errors.

This integration will:

  1. Allow patients to pay via credit card at check-in or check out.  This can be accomplished by hand-entering the card or using an integrated credit card swiper.
  2. Allows the practice to collect credit card information over the phone at any time for either a patient or an insurance carrier paying via credit card.
  3. Allow patients to pay their Co-Pay or Outstanding Balance via the Intelligent Intake system.
  4. Allow patients to pay their Outstanding Balance in MyMedicalLocker.
  5. Automatically generates a receipt and posts that receipt in the billing system.
  6. Coming Soon:  Patients will be able to pay their balance when they receive electronic statements.

Credit Card Payments in OfficeEMR

Credit Card Payments in MyMedicalLocker