Invalid Transaction Heading Code

Error Level:  Deposit

Error Message: Unable to process an ERA with transaction heading codes of D, P, or X.

Actions to Take:  No action required. The error will automatically be set to resolved and the entire deposit will be set to a status of Ignore.  

About this Error:  When an ERA is received, a Transaction Handling Code is supplied in field BPR-01.  This code is used to decide how to process an ERA.  If the code 'D', 'P', or 'X' is received, our application will not process it.  Below are all possible options.

CPayment Accompanies Remittance Advice
DMake Payment Only
HNotification only
IRemittance Information Only
PPrenotification of Future Transfers
USplit Payment and Remittance
XHandling Party's Option to Split Payment and Remittance