Using the TOLMARsync Integration

Once the TOLMARsync Integration has been configured for your practice, you will be able to start placing medication orders for Eligard and dispensing through our application.

Place a medication order for Eligard

The first step in the process is to place a medication order for Eligard via Order Entry.

  1. Navigate to the EMR

  2. Open the patient that you would like to place the order on.

  3. Click to open the Order Entry chart tab.

  4. Locate the medication order for Eligard on your Order Entry template and select the order your would like to place.

  5. Click Save.

Dispense a medication order for Eligard

Once the medication order has been placed and the patient is ready to receive the injection, follow the steps below to dispense the order.  

Workflow Note:
Different practices may have unique workflows related to managing orders.  This guide discusses the most common workflow.  However, the dispense of Eligard can occur as long as a user can access the Order Processing window.

  1. Open My Tasks Orders

  2. Locate the Eligard medication order that you would like to dispense and select it from the list.

  3. Click the Dispense icon from the toolbar.  At this time, the medication order is being electronically transmitted to TOLMARsync and various checks are being performed to verify if the order can be dispensed at this time.  If it cannot, an appropriate error message will be returned.

  4. Use the TOLMARsync barcode scanner to scan the Eligard Kit Details.  These details should populate the screen. Otherwise, enter the details manually. Also, select the correct Injection Date, Nurse, and Injection Site if they are different than what is listed.

  5. Click Dispense to complete the process.

Other Considerations

Dispense Results

Once an order is successfully dispensed, the kit details will be stored as a result in the patient's chart connected to this original order.

Results Flow to Note

Your practice may be set up in such a way that results from that date will flow into the SOAP Note. If that is the case, the results from the Eligard injection will show up in the note.

Procedure Code Recommended on Superbill

The act of dispensing Eligard is a billable procedure.  Therefore, when the dispense is completed, the appropriate procedure codes will be recommended on the Superbill for that day.