Training Overview

Surgery Schedulers will be trained on various areas of the EMR, the My Task List, and the iScheduler. The following areas are expected to be understood in order for a successful Go-Live:

Surgery Workflow Overview

  1. Surgery Ordering Overview: Video | Guide
  2. Surgery Processing Overview: Video | Guide

iScheduler Overview

  1. iScheduler Toolbar Video | Guide
  2. Resource view vs. Group: Video | Guide
  3. General Scheduling: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn the best practices for scheduling an appointment within the system.
  4. Comments and Alerts: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to add new comments and pop-up alerts.

Faxing Overview

  1. eFaxing: Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to electronically fax an eDocument from the system. 
  2. eFaxing (Specifically Letters): Video | Guide
    • Users will learn how to send a fax from the Letters chart tab.