OfficeEMR Mobile - iOS v 5.9.0 (170) - June 8th, 2021

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • U11842 - Display total completed per shift / total per shift:  In-Home > Schedule > Dialysis, Dialysis shift headers now have a numerator and the corresponding denominator denoting the total number of patients per shift, in a dialysis location for that day. The numerator will increment by 1 when a patient visit is recorded per patient, totaling up to the denominator number or the total number of patients per shift for a dialysis location.

  • U11840 - Remove "Completed" line and change patient name color to green: The patient name will now change color depending on the status of the Hospital Round. For Completed status, the color of the patient's name will change to green. For Discharged status, the color of the patient's name will change to orange.

  • U11841 - Prefix each comment made in Hospital Rounds Comments with User and Date:  When creating a comment for Hospital Rounds the comment will be prefixed with an abbreviation of the username and the current date that the comment is being added. 

  • U11843 - Referring Provider Search - Replace with search control:  The Referring Provider List has been changed from a rolodex style control to a search box control type with keyboard controls within the charges/superbill screens of the application.
  • U11844 - Add/Edit Comment from Icon & Modify Comments Display: The comment bubble when adding a comment to an individual patient round in Home Screen > Schedule > Rounds will now display two states depending on whether or not a comment is stored for that individual patient round. When a comment is present within an individual patient round, the comment bubble will be darkened and filled. When a comment has not been added to a round, the comment bubble will display unfilled and empty. Functionality has also been modified to easily allow users to select the comment bubble icon to edit or enter a new comment.

  •  U11845 - Targets for ellipses and comment bubble are difficult to select:  The selectable bounding areas for the ellipses and comment bubble icons have been increased to make selecting the icons on the screen easier for users when using the Hospital Rounds screen.