Last Patient Search Feature Overview (Recent Patients list)

Patient Last Search feature (Recent Patients list)

The new Patient Last Search feature builds a Recent Patients list that is comprised of the last 10 patients that the logged in user has searched for and opened from primary search areas throughout OfficeEMR.

Each "searched and opened" patient accessed from the defined search areas will update the Recent Patients list in OfficeEMR, displaying the 10 most recently accessed patients. Currently, this functionality is available for users in the EMR, iScheduler, and eDocuments. Access in Billing is expected to follow in an upcoming release that will complete the build of feature.  

When accessing the Recent Patients list, you will see the most recent patients displayed in descending order, providing you with a  convenient way to select and re-open those patients that you have most recently been working with in the various areas throughout OfficeEMR. 

For example: If you searched and opened James Adams in iSceduler, John Doe in EMR, and Jane Carr in eDocuments, then your Recent Patient list would display as shown in the image below. Users can easily access that list from other screens to continue working with a patient they have on their user list of Recent Patients.