What do I do if I haven't received an ERA from a payer?

Question:  What do I do if I haven't received an ERA from a payer? 


Sometimes, a practice may receive a direct deposit or check, but the related ERA is not visible within OfficeEMR. If this happens, a Support Ticket should be created for the Customer Success team which includes the following information (for each affected ERA):

  1. The name of the payer (and payer ID, if known).
  2. The Check or EFT number.
  3. The Check or EFT date.
  4. The amount of the payment received. 

Once Customer Success has received this information, it will be forwarded to our clearinghouse (Change Healthcare) for research. Please wait 24 hours after the date of the deposit before requesting research on a missing ERA. On average, it takes 3-7 business days for the ERA to be located and processed, particularly if the clearinghouse must contact the payer to have the ERA resent.