My Tasks Communications

The My Tasks Communication allows for inter-office communications that allows for attachments of: 

  • Patient chart numbers
  • Claims 
  • SOAP notes
  • eDocuments

Tasks may also be assigned to users in addition to using the 'Mark as Completed' feature. 

Patient charts attached will appear in the patient timeline section of a patient's chart along with the 'Patient Communications' section in the drop down menu of the patient index card icon, or in Patient Setup. 

Users can add comments and mark a message as 'completed' which will then automatically move the message to the user's Deleted list. If a patient's chart was attached to the Communication then the comments will display in the Patient Communication section. Details in the comment section appear in italicized font and are time-stamped on the date of completion. This can also be used in conjunction with tasks and forwarded messages.

Watch the Video Training Here