Release 23.02 - February 16th, 2023

Executive Summary

Insurance Profiles
New Insurance Profiles option
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Comment Editor
New Patient/Claim Comment Editor

Release Note | Patient Comment | Claim Comment

New Features and Updates


Patient/Claim Comment Editor

U14545 - Deploy New Patient and Claim Comment Editor - Phase 1:  As part of the modernization effort of the platform, the Patient and Claim comment editor screens have been updated. In the first phase of this rollout, the comment editor will only be getting updated in certain areas in order to allow users to get acclimated with the new editor. Below are the areas that are updated in this release:

  • Setup
    • Patients > Open a patient > Comments tab = Patient Comments
  • Patient Transaction History
    • Patient Index Card drop down > Patient Comments = Patient Comments
    • Patient Transaction History > Right click on right hand side on DOS Claim number line > Add Comment = Claim Comments
  • Billing
    • Claim Query > Claim icon on toolbar > Comments = Claim Comments
    • Claim Query > Patient icon on toolbar > Comments = Patient Comments

To learn more about the Patient comment editor click here. To learn more about the Claim comment editor click here. 

Insurance Profiles

  • E14121 - Insurance Profiles:  The system now has the ability to handle 'Insurance Profiles'. For example, this means that you can now have Primary and Secondary insurances for Employer or Private Plan and a Primary for Auto-Accident. Note: The default Insurance profile will be 'Health Insurance' for all existing Insurances in your database. To learn more about the setup of Insurance Profiles click here. 


  • U14502 - HL7 Interface improvements:  In an attempt to improve the reliability of HL7 messages, the interface to third party HL7 services has been improved.

Quick Pay

  • U14011 - New Company Setting to control Patient balance pop-up when saving Superbill:  Added a new Company Setting called Display patient balance pop-up when saving Superbill from Quick Pay Window. When checked, the Patient balance pop-up window will display when saving a Superbill from the Quick Pay screen:



  • U9132 - New Company Setting to view Active/Inactive Insurance Payers:  Added a new Company Setting called Display Inactive Insurance Payers. When checked, this will display all (including inactive) Insurance Payers from within the Patients Setup screen. When not checked, only active Insurance Payers will be displayed:



  • U14583 - CARC codes using the new XP group will now carry over to EOB Claim Adjustments:  With release 22.18, a new XP group selection was added to the Deposit details screen. The reason for adding this group was to allow documentation of the XP-119-ERA Information to carry over to EOB Claim Adjustments so that it would go out on the Claim to the Secondary as PR-119. However, since Payment Types that are classified as Comment Adjustments are not logged into EOB Claim Adjustments, the new XP group was not carrying over to the EOB Claim Adjustments (even if the Payment Type was a Comment Adjustment.) The system has now been updated to allow those XP CARC codes to carry over to the EOB Claim Adjustments.
  • U13288 - Added NDC fields to the copy Claim functionality:  When copying a claim, NDC values will now copy over to the new claim. These values could include NDC Value, NDC Price, NDC Quantity, and NDC Unit.


  • U14588 - New User Role to limit HFCA Alignment Change Settings:  Added a new User Role called Advanced Reporting Edit which will allow Admins to limit the users who can make adjustments to the HFCA Alignment settings:

Bug Fixes


  • B14454 - Improved Webservice:  In order to prevent issues that are caused when the reference laboratory does not supply the expected data types for some results, the Webservice has now been updated and will return additional result records in this scenario.


  • B14057 - Narrative text not populating on Claim:  'Narrative' text that was entered in a Procedure Code Setup, was not populating onto the Claim.
  • B14056 - Error when modifying groups of Claims statuses:  Some users experienced a 'syntax' error when attempting to modify an already-modified Claim status via the multi-modification tool. This was due to the screen not correctly refreshing after the orginal Claim status modifications were performed. 


  • B14616 - 'Refund to Credit Card' box always checked:  When performing a Receipt reversal, the Refund credit card payment box was already automatically checked (even if the original payment was cash or check.) The box will now be grayed out if the original payment was anything other than a credit card. 


  • B14300 - Referred Care Report not Chrome compatible:  Chrome users were unable to export the Referred Care report.
  • B14270 - Practice Summary report displaying duplicate charges:  Charges that were displayed based on Service Date in the Practice Summary report, were sometimes being duplicated if there was more than one payment made to the same Procedure line. 
  • B14205 - Practice Summary balance not reflecting Claim adjustments:  When viewing the details of the Practice Summary report, the balance was not correctly reflecting 'adjustments' made to the Claim (it was only calculating the 'Paid' amounts.)
  • B14239 - CARC Analysis display issue:  When running the CARC Analysis report, the results would sometimes display outside of the columns with no scrollbars to view the 'extra' data.