Overview of ID.me Integration


The ID.me integration within iSalus will allow for two crucial actions to take place before a provider prescribes controlled substances from within the system. SureScripts and the DEA require the following to place electronic prescriptions:

Identity Proofing for General ePrescribing:

A user (prescriber) will need to complete IAL2 (Identity Assurance Level 2) Identity Proofing before being added to the SureSripts prescribing network. This is completed within the IDme Verify screen, found in User Setup > Toolbar - Checkmark Icon (see below). There is no charge for these services as it is included in the monthly subscription rate for the provider accounts.

IMPORTANT: Providers intending to ePrescribe medications from within OfficeEMR MUST Complete Identity Proofing via ID.me

Obtain Credentials for Prescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS):

A user (prescriber) will need to complete the Verify EPCS process to obtain valid credentials to be used for the signing step of prescribing controlled substances. There is a monthly cost for this product. Please open a ticket with support to enable the setup and discuss the pricing of the "IDme EPCS" product within your database. See Complete EPCS Setup via ID.me for full step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: If a provider intends on prescribing from multiple service locations, and has multiple DEA numbers (specific to state) each of the valid DEA numbers should be added to both iSalus and IDme for verification.