Diagnosis Code Rules Override

Override options for rules on a Payer, Financial Class, Rendering Provider and Service Location level are available under More > Diagnosis Code Rules Override.  This can be used to override any Diagnosis Code Rules that have been setup but need to follow a different logic for a specific one off scenario.   

The Advanced Diagnosis Search screen can be accessed from multiple locations.

  • Setup > Diagnosis Codes > More
  • Billing Portal > Setup Screens option on toolbar > Dx Codes 

With the diagnosis code open, navigate to the More button on the toolbar and select Diagnosis Codes Rules Override.

Override Screen

  • Financial Class:  The financial class to override
  • Payer Name:  Payer to override
  • Rendering Provider:  The rendering provider to override
  • Service Location:  Service location to override

Once the above items are added, select save.  Click on the line to make further selections, "Remove" to delete changes or "New" to add additional overrides for the selected Diagnosis Code. 

The Rules screen will then be presented for setup.