Add an NDC Number to a Claim

The NDC (National Drug Code) is a unique product identifier issued by the FDA for drugs intended for human use.  Certain insurance companies require that when a drug is reported on a claim, the NDC information must also be attached to that claim.  The NDC must be 11-digits long on a claim; to know how to set this, please see our NDC Formats guide. Within OfficeEMR there are two ways to set up the NDC to transmit electronically on a claim: at the Claim Level or at the Code Level. Below are the steps on documenting it at the claim level.

  1. Right click in any procedure code box and select NDC from the menu. The NDC box will open.
  2. Select the code which requires an NDC and then complete the NDC section. Select the appropriate unit type from the drop down box and save.

  3. All fields (except Rx ID) MUST be completed or claims will reject for incomplete information.