Kick Off and Check-In Meetings

Kick Off and Check-In Meetings

Throughout the implementation process, the iSalus Implementation Team will prepare status updates regarding the progress of the overall project. During Week 3, we will establish a weekly check-in call to review the overall progress, answer any questions, and review outstanding and upcoming tasks. The weekly update will continue throughout the implementation process and will eventually carry over to the post Go-Live phase. 

At this time, the practice should begin delegating the various areas of the implementation to a designated person (referred to as a "Superuser") to manage in coordination with an iSalus Project Manager. The Superusers will be responsible for working directly with the iSalus team to review and approve workflows, attend and schedule trainings, and manage their assigned tasks within Asana. The Superusers will act as the direct line of support for their team, in coordination with the iSalus Project Manager(s). Superusers are expected to begin reviewing the provided training videos in preparation for the Superuser training and workflow discussions. 

Week 3 is an exciting season of the implementation process, as this is typically when groups begin to start working directly in the system on their delegated tasks. The practice will begin working with the Billing Project Manager(s) to start on the Clearinghouse Enrollments. Additional team members will also review the additional features previously discussed during the Kick Off Call. 

Login Information Provided

User credentials will be provided based on the list of users that were provided in the Welcome Packet. The practice will receive detailed instructions for accessing the database and logging in for the first time. The practice may decide whether to distribute all logins at this time, or wait to pass out general user logins until all-staff trainings begin. Superusers are encouraged to login and begin looking around, watch training videos, and review workflows within the system. 

Training Syllabus

Similar to school, the iSalus Implementation department has a detailed list of trainings that are required in order to have a successful Go-Live. The Superusers will be provided a detailed list of required training videos, modules, and checklists to assist with their training. 

Superusers can expect a syllabus for the following user groups:

  1. Front Office
  2. Medical Records
  3. Nursing/Ancillary Medical Staff
  4. Providers
  5. Billing
  6. Administration

Clearinghouse Enrollments

The enrollments process is a time sensitive project, as some enrollments may take longer to process than others. The iSalus Billing Project Manager(s) will be responsible for providing a checklist of enrollments with their corresponding due date for submission. 

Practices and the Billing Superusers may review the Enrollment FAQ guide for additional information.