CARC Analysis Results

The results for this report show the following fields:

  • Grouping: The values of the grouping you selected for your Report Level.
  • Amount: The total amount coming in for the relevant CARCs.
  • Count: The number of times the relevant CARCs were posted.
  • Claim Count: The number of distinct claims that had the relevant CARCs posted on them.
  • Total Claims: The total number of distinct claims that had any ERA/EOB posted on them. If you’ve grouped by Financial Class, for instance, it will show you total claims only for that financial class. If you’ve grouped by CARC, it’s just the total amount of distinct claims with deposit claims over the selected time period.
  • CARC %: This is the ratio of Claim Count to Total Claims. If Denied Type is ‘Yes,’ this is your denial percentage—i.e., how many of the claims we received ERAs/EOBs for over this time period received denials? If grouping by CARC, it shows what percentage of total claims had each respective CARC on them.