Renewal of an EPCS Token

Every two years your IdenTrust certificate must be renewed. This is typically initiated from IdenTrust but you may contact their support to inquire about this process. 

Renewing the certificate with them will extend your certification valid date for an additional two years, and this certificate needs to be uploaded into OfficeEMR for your user to authenticate in order to continue sending controlled substance prescriptions.

Steps to Renew your Token

  1. Login to the OfficeEMR application
  2. Select Current User: YOUR NAME in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select the Credential icon (looks like a ribbon, it is the 7th icon from the left at the top of the User Setup screen).
  4. Choose your original certificate from the left hand side, denoted by the email address you used to setup the account.
  5.  On the right hand side of this window under 'User Credential Values', deselect the Enabled check box and choose Save.
  6. Select the New button (white sheet of paper) and then follow the steps: 
    1. Select Type dropdown > Choose IdenTrust (P) Option
    2. Insert USB IdenTrust Token into the USB drive of your computer > Get Credential
    3. Select Providers Credential by checking the box to the left of the name
    4. Sign Credential > I agree > Enter provider's password for the token
  7. Ensure you save after this process and the new credential on the left hand side states your new valid date range (your old one will remain disabled, but visible).